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Paramedical Board of India is the Institute that has been raised and training in the field of Para Medical and allied medical sciences at the grass root level, and provide its students vocational knowledge, that is job oriented, Teaching our students to be the pioneers of the healthcare industry, we ensure each of them undergoes through extensive & rigorous training so that their performance lives up to the name of our Paramedical Board of India. Para Medical Board of India was established on 2018 and Registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 and Also Registered with MSME Registration, (Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Govt. of India). Paramedical Faculty also registered with NITI AYOG having. This body working under its own constitution.By laws to assure and promote the quality in the Para Medical Courses. The Faculty conduct the Examinations, issue diploma certificates and registration to deserving candidates, The Faculty Affiliation the institutes and issue norms, standard and guidelines itself to regulate the field of Para Medical Education. The Govt. accords prime importance to the public health. The health of the people depends primarily on adequate nutrition, health education, proper arrangement for the prevention of disease and proper facilities for the care and cure of sick persons.

Paramedical Board of India

Note: Paramedical Board of India as the implementing agency has the right to change the contents of this Process Manual at any given point of time. The updated version will be available on the website

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