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Attention for students seeking admission in Colleges/Institutions
The students seeking admission to various courses offered by the Colleges/Institutions under Lucknow University & Purvanchal University are hereby advised to ensure themselves that the Colleges/Courses are affiliated to the Pondicherry University. The list of affiliated colleges & courses is displayed in this website which is updated from time to time. The students may also obtain the information from the University

Norms and Procedures:
A college applying for affiliation to the University sends application to the Registrar, within the time limit stipulated in the advertisement, furnishing the information with respect to the following:
~ That it will supply a need in the locality, having regard to the type of education intended to be provided by the college, the existing provision for the same type of education made by other colleges in the neighborhood and the suitability of the locality where the college is to be established;
~ That it is to be under the management of a regularly constituted Governing Body;
~ That the strength and qualifications of the teaching staff and the conditions governing their tenure of office are such as to make due provision for the courses of instruction, teaching or training to be undertaken by the college;
~ That the buildings in which the college is to be located are suitable and that provision shall be made in conformity with the Ordinances for the residence in the college or in lodgings approved by the college, for students not residing with their parents or guardians and for the supervision and welfare of students;
~ That due provision has been made or will be made for a Library;
~ That where affiliation is sought in any branch of experimental science, arrangements have been or will be made in conformity with the Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations for imparting instruction in the branch of science in a properly equipped laboratory or museum;
~ That as far as circumstances may permit, due provision shall be made for the residence of the Principal and members of the teaching staff in or near the college or the place provided for the residence of students;
~ That the financial resources of the college are such as to make due provision for its continued maintenance and efficient working; and
~ That rules fixing the fees, if any, to be paid by the students have been framed or will be framed.
Applications for affiliation of new colleges will not be entertained from individuals, but only from the Registered Society or Registered Public Trust, financially viable to run the colleges without the aid of the State Government. The application shall further contain an undertaking that after the college is affiliated, there shall not be any transfer of Management or change of name and style of the college, without prior approval of the State Government and the University. On receipt of application under sub-section (2), it shall be placed before the Syndicate, for consideration. The Syndicate, on consideration of each of the applications for affiliation, shall direct a local inquiry to be made by a Local Inquiry Committee: Provided that the Local Inquiry Committee shall consist of at least one person belonging to the Scheduled Castes or the Scheduled Tribes. The Local Inquiry Committee shall, within thirty days from the date of constitution thereof, submits a report to the Academic Council. The Academic Council shall, soon after the receipt of the report of the Local Inquiry Committee, consider the findings of the Committee envisaged in the report and make such further enquiry as may appear to it to be necessary and record its opinion on such request and transmit it to the Syndicate. The Syndicate shall consider the report of the Committee and the resolution of the Academic Council and shall further record its opinion on the question whether the request shall be granted either in whole or in part or be rejected, after making such further enquiry as may be deemed necessary. The Registrar shall submit the application and its enclosures, annexures, the report of Local Inquiry Committee, and the Proceedings of the Academic Council and the Syndicate to the State Government for taking a decision thereon before 31st March of the ensuing year. The State Government shall consider such applications, in the light of the recommendations of the Local Inquiry Committee, the Academic Council and the Syndicate and after such enquiry, as may appear to it to be necessary, make their recommendations to the University to affiliate or reject the affiliation as the case may be or any part thereof, including the variation in the intake. The University shall, on receipt of the directions of the State Government, issue formal orders accordingly.

1. Sanction of affiliation shall, however, be subject to obtaining the prior approval of the All India Council for Technical Education, the Bar Council of India, the National Council for Teacher Education, or such other authorities or bodies concerned and the intake determined shall not exceed the intake, if any, specified by such authorities or bodies.
2. Only, Registered Minority Educational Trust/Institutions/Organizations after strictly following the rules/regulations stipulated by NCTE/State Government and University may submit their application seeking fresh affiliation for starting courses as DMLT, B.Sc.(MLT), M.Sc.(MLT), DPT,BPT, B.Sc.(Optometry), D.Opt., OT Technician, X-Ray, Radiology-DRIT/BRIT, Ultrasound Tech., BNYS, D.Pharma, B.Pharma, CMS-ED, B.Sc.(Nursing), ANM, GNM, B.A.M.S. and Other registered Educational Trust/ Institutions/ Organisations may apply for Courses.
3. The Principals of the Government Colleges should have the prior approval of the Government to start new courses / subjects / languages and for additional intake, other wise such request will not be considered.
4. It is also brought to the notice of the Principals of the existing colleges/registered trust/institutions/organizations that the application for affiliation shall not be submitted to the course/optionals for which institution of such course/optionals are not yet approved by the University.